Privacy Policy

This Ace Decore Furniture Group policy is for the purpose of assuring that all Ace Decore`s customers are treated fairly and equitably. The policy and procedures we define here are not new. They are tried and proven practices, which we have followed for many years. By having such a definite policy in writing, both Ace Decore's personnel and customers should have a common understanding of these matters, which should greatly facilitate the handling of any problems which might arise. In all of these matters, as with all of our products, our objective will be to conduct the handling of your account so as to build your confidence and good will to the point you will not only consider us a good resource, but will like doing business with our company.


Ace Decore's warrants our products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 Year from date of delivery to our dealers. The warranty period for glass and mirrors is 30 days. The return, repair, or replacement of defective products is at the option of Ace Decore's management Sales representatives are not authorized to make this decision. All Products sold are built for residential use only. Any purchase made for commercial use makes this warranty null and void.

Conditions Of Sale

  1. Ace Decore will not be responsible for lost or damaged merchandise after delivery.

  2. Claims for shortages must be reported immediately by the dealer on our Bill of Lading.

  3. Merchandise that is refused upon delivery will be returned to our warehouse. Any returns for reasons other than damage will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, adjustment to shipping/handling charges or further actions.

  4. All returned checks are subject to a $75.00 NSF fee.

  5. All products sold are built for residential use only. Any purchase made for commercial use makes the warranty null and void.

Returns & Allowances

  1. No credit will be allowed on merchandise returned to our warehouse without a written "Return Authorization" from Ace Decore's authorized personnel. Returns that are incomplete or not in original factory packaging will not be accepted.

  2. No allowances will be made for any transit damage that occurs while in the possession of the dealer or while in possession of the dealer's customer".

  3. In certain cases it will be necessary to issue an allowance for defective merchandise. In granting allowances the following points should be kept in mind: A. We continue to strive to provide the best possible product. Our obligation to the dealer is to produce furniture within a certain quality possible for the price but ultimate perfection is not possible because of the materials in which we deal. Finishes on furniture may vary over a period of time. B. It is part of the dealer's function to service the product. A reasonable amount of touch-up and deluxing is the dealer's responsibility. C. Although many of our dealers have successfully delivered our merchandise directly to the customer without unpacking, we do not recommend that the dealer deliver our merchandise to his customer before inspecting the merchandise.

  4. Allowances may only be given by Ace Decore's authorized personnel. It is the responsibility of field personnel to examine any defective merchandise and make suggestions and recommendations as to proper disposition. Field personnel will not obligate or bind the company by definite agreement Ace Decore's administrative office will make final authorization for disposition.

  5. Merchandise returned to Ace Decore without prior authorization will not be accepted for credit. If goods are defective and return is authorized, they will be replaced with similar or repaired merchandise piece for pieces.