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Hello, there, designers and fine people of the interwebs! My name is Janette Harris, and for over 20 (yes, you read that right) years, I have been elbow-deep in paint swatches, fabric samples, and the mysterious depths of antique shops. I am an interior designer extraordinaire, the queen of cushions, and the oracle of ottomans.

Let’s talk about my humble beginnings. I started with a passion for making pillow forts, which I admit was somewhat less sophisticated. My mom would probably tell you I was redecorating my dollhouse before I could even say “feng shui.” Fast-forward through a blur of textbooks, copious amounts of coffee, and a degree in Interior Design, I have spent two fantastic decades helping spaces reach their maximum potential. I like to think that rooms high-five me in spirit every time I walk out of them.

As a purveyor of all things interior, I specialize in turning ho-hum spaces into visual delicacies. My secret weapon? A magic wand that turns me into a decorating wizard! Just kidding. My real superpower is listening and understanding your space’s dreams and desires. Sometimes, in the dead of the night, I can even hear the whispers of the walls! (I promise I’m primarily sane).

I pride myself on being able to merge function with fashion. From contemporary chic to vintage charm, I am your gal! Looking for a bohemian paradise or a sleek minimalistic office space? Look no further! Need a kitchen that could make Gordon Ramsay weep with joy? I’m on it like butter on toast!

Now, enough about my brilliance. I created this website to share tips and tricks I have learned over the years and discover new ones. Please enjoy the website and leave a comment on some of the posts if you have questions or ideas.

Yours in design wizardry, Janette Harris

If you need to get a hold of me, please reach out on our contact page.

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